50 shades of donghae
lee donghae. vampire. room 20 at rain's institution of gifted youngsters

( obvs just a roleplay account )
children shouldn’t play with dead things

The entire day had been uneventful, he was surprised none of his usual prospects had tried to stake him or throw him into a well filled with vervain. Yet.

The vampire found himself at the back of the school where no one ever came. He actually liked the quiet, how strange and boring it may be. He liked having some time to just sit down and think about things other than how to muster enough self control to not go all neck snappy on the majority of the godforsaken school. He marveled at his ability to be civil enough to not bite every neck of a blabbering student he saw walking around. How good was he at self moderation, he wondered, bec—

His thoughts were cut short by a familiar voice that greeted him from behind. He grinned to himself, turns out the day wasn’t going to go by without a visit from at least one of his favorite people.

"Hey, lovebird," he greeted back, his lips pushing up into a thin line before he continued torturing and uprooting the grass he sat on. He wondered what Gayoon was doing in the Institute again and if she actually spent more time there than in the Brotherhood where her loyalty lay. "The sun’s still up. Why are you outside? Don’t little critters like you come out at night?" he grinned, not looking at her as he spoke. Oh, the irony of the words that were coming out of his mouth.

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    Her memories were blurry, before turning black. She remembered his eyes and his fangs perfectly. She understood that she...
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    "They get old after a few decades," he said, somehow making the words sound like an understatement, which they were. If...