50 shades of donghae
lee donghae. vampire. room 20 at rain's institution of gifted youngsters

( obvs just a roleplay account )

a part of my school as of today when the flood already went down, before it started raining again.

let’s step outside

k hope you enjoyed the tour.

  1. missing-tae said: Is your house okay?
  2. goodbye-minjun said: omg, hope you’re okayyyy~ and as much as i don’t like school, i hope you get back into the swing of study soon!
  3. x-hyosung said: bb are you safe?
  4. xmen-min said: Holy crap o.o I hope everything turns out okay.
  5. goodbye-xmen-chaerin said: take careee. at least yours doesn’t look so bad. my friend’s area is under a state of calamity. ;;
  6. x-ahjusshi said: i hope it gets better… and the infrastructural damage isn’t too bad..
  7. x-jaeseop said: hopefully the classes got suspended. I mean, this is reason enough right?
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